season 1
Jul 08, 15

Legends & Lyrics Announces Partnership with ASG Entertainment

Mar 12, 15


Hello Fans!


Yes, it is true! Legends and Lyrics is back. We want to thank all of our loyal fans for standing by us throughout these difficult times resulting from the health of our founder.


Although we cannot give you dates, just yet, on when specifc shows or artists will be aired,

Sep 09, 13

Update on Legends & Lyrics

As a long overdue update to our wonderful fans and supporters, shortly after the airing of Season 1, our production company suffered a tragic set back. Creator, Director, and resident “Big Idea Dreamer”, Will Mitchell, was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. As you might expect, following that, there were moments

Sep 09, 13

Artists for Season 3

We are in the preproduction stage for Season 3 of Legends & Lyrics  and want your help. We thought it would be a great idea to include you, our fans, in the search for the artists for our upcoming season. We have already posted a discussion board on facebook

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